Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A-Grade: Jem and the Holograms vs Stickmen

9 - 22

We were missing players because of Easter, so I played savage (mostly*). This was a very fun game. Once again we had no answer to Jaws long play, particularly as he has selected an extremely tall team.

We were competitive on offense when we showed enough hustle and moved the disc aggressively. We tried out a quasi-zone defense that had some potential but we lacked the feel for each others play and capabilities to make it really work.

Overall very fun and tiring, it highlights how much I need to work on my fitness. In the social grades I can play a low energy game and still be really effective, not so much in A-grade.

Ash took some youtube videos, so I have had a look at those. The first thing it highlights to me is that my posture is crap. I need to be up on my toes and more controlled, this will help with my acceleration. I also have a tendency to flail my arms, I am not sure why, I will have to investigate.

The second thing highlighted is that as noted before my fitness is crap. I was walking too much, standing too flat.

I have a tendency to avoid cutting straight into the top of the zone. I am not sure why, several times during this game I shied away from a straight cut into the top of the zone, to go around behind my mark.

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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Probably the best thing you could do in terms of getting your fitness up without radically altering your lifestyle, is just run for every second you're on court in social grade. Sub on for D points, and put an honest mark on rather than poaching, and just chase and chase and chase. And then on O, sprint to the zone, then go back for a dump, then spring to the zone, then go back. You get the idea. :)