Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A-Grade: Jem and the Holograms vs Road Runners

13 - 20

Fun game, team clicked well, played almost savage again, Mash got fired up and played quite a lot and quite well.

I did better on offense, running better and getting free on cuts, I had several quick plays scoring with cheeky blades. I let myself get flustered by Carson a little bit and threw the disc away twice.

Overall very fun game, Nita picked up for us again.

Got beaten on a long run few time, managed to put pressure on runner every time but once.

Once I had a couple of points off I was feeling fine, but there was a run in the middle where i slacked off.

Got some Nice D with poaching and anticipation, I am still misjudging my reach for stopping line throws, need to get further round really stop it. I also need to get lower against some players to stop the under curve break, Only really a problem against Marty and Carson this game who are always going to be hard to stop.

Will be interesting to see how the game goes with all our players back next week.

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