Sunday, May 01, 2011

C-Grade: Imperial Creature vs Sex Panther

16 - 13

Awesome game for the first week. We were down Lloyd and Renee, so we only had couple of subs. Sex Panther got out to an early lead, we were able to drag that back as we adjusted to their offensive style and started anicipating their moves. Dan had a great game on D using his size to put heaps of pressure on disc and to compete in the air.

The Panthers had a distinct height advantage that they used to good effect, shutting down our long game, and getting a lot of points with long puts. Early on they had a very effective give and go with leading passes up the middle they got out an early lead of 3 or 4 points, once I moved agressively to cut that option off, they didn't adjust very well and we were able to mostly shut it down.

When this happend we were able to put a lot of pressure on the disc and start getting turn-overs. We also calmed down our offense and started to make the most of our increased possession, this let us get a big uninterrupted run of points to take the lead, which the Panthers weren't able to get back.

The team clicked really well, It has a nice range of playing styles which worked well.

Moment of Game: First play in which I agressively shut down leading pass on their give and go, Pete put it but I had anticipated Mike B's acceleration and was able to stay between him and disc and slam it to the ground.

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